Easter 4 – ‘Never Discuss Religion’ – Fiona Eltringham

Download Fiona Eltringham’s sermon, ‘Never discuss religion’.

Easter 3 – ‘What Good is Resurrection?’ – Geoff Moore.

Download Geoff Moore’s sermon, ‘What Good is Resurrection?’

Easter 2 – ‘Resurrection People’ – Mike Higton

Download Mike Higton’s sermon, ‘Resurrection People’.

Easter Day – ‘How Do We Tell?’ – Alison Hobbs

Download Alison Hobbs’ Easter morning sermon, ‘How Do We Tell?’

Easter Vigil – Geoff Moore

Download Geoff Moore’s sermon for the Easter Dawn Vigil.

Good Friday – Mike Higton

Download Mike Higton’s Good Friday sermon.

Wednesday of Holy Week – Dave Eltringham

Download Dave Eltringham’s homily for the Wednesday of Holy Week.

Monday of Holy Week – Martin Peacock

Download Martin Peacock’s homily for the Monday of Holy Week.

Passion Sunday – Geoff Moore

Download Geoff Moore’s sermon for Passion Sunday.

Older Sermons

Preacher Date Sermon Title
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Geoff Moore 24 September 2017 Parable of the vineyard
Alison Hobbs 14 October 2017 Wedding attendance
Alison Hobbs 12 November 2017 Just people
Geoff Moore 19 November 2017 Parable of the talents
Fiona Eltringham 26 November 2017 Christ the King
Mike Higton 3 December 2017 Advent
Alison Hobbs 10 December 2017 Prepare, and baptism
Geoff Moore 21 January 2018 Wedding at Cana
Alison Hobbs 28 January 2018 Evil, and God’s plan
Geoff Moore 4 February 2018 Creation, disharmony, reconciliation
Mike Higton 11 February 2018 Light
Alison Hobbs 14 February 2018 God loves us
Alison Hobbs 18 February 2018 What is Lent for?
Geoff Moore 21 January 2018 It all depends on …
Mike Higton 4 March 2018 It’s all gift

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