Pentecost – Anna Brooker

Click here to view Anna Brooker’s sermon for Pentecost.

Sunday after Ascension – Sabine Tenge-Heslop

Click here to view the text of Sabine’s sermon for the Sunday after Ascension Day.


5th after Easter – Acts 17 & John 14 – Anna Brooker

Click here to read Anna Brooker’s Sermon on Acts 17 and John 14. 

4th after Easter – Dying to Self – Geoff Moore

Click here to download Geoff Moore’s sermon ‘Dying to Self’, for Easter 5.

3rd after Easter – I AM your door – Alison Hobbs

Click her to download Alison Hobbs’ sermon ‘I am your door’.

2nd after Easter – The Emmaus Road – Anna Brooker

Click here to download Anna Brooker’s sermon ‘The Emmaus Road’.


1st after Easter – The Real Deal – Fiona Eltringham

Click here to download Fiona Eltringham’s sermon ‘The Real Deal’ for the first Sunday after Easter. 

Easter Morning – All-Age Celebration – Sabine Tenge-Heslop

Click to download Sabine’s sermon for Easter Morning.

Easter Dawn vigil – Zoom in on Sacraments – Alison Hobbs

Click here to download Alison Hobbs’ sermon ‘Zoom in on Sacraments’ for Easter Dawn Vigil.

Holy Week – Good Friday – Homily – Mike Higton

Click here to download Mike Higton’s Homily for Good Friday.

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