Trinity 9 – Silence – Geoff Moore

Please click here to read Geoff Moore’s sermon for Trinity 9 on ‘Silence’.

Trinity 8 – The Feeding of the Five Thousand – Anna Brooker

Click here to read Anna Broker’s sermon for Trinity 8 on ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand’ and Romans 9.

Trinity 7 – The Kingdom of Heaven – Alison Hobbs

Click here to read the text of Alison Hobbs’ sermon ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’. 

Trinity 5 – The Parable of the Sower – Sabine Tenge-Heslop

Click here to download Sabine’s sermon ‘The Parable of the Sower’.

Trinity 4 – Black Lives Matter – Mike Higton

Click here to download the text of Mike Higton’s sermon ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Trinity 3 – Sin and Salvation – Geoff Moore

Click here to read Geoff’s sermon for Trinity 3, ‘Sin and Salvation’.

Trinity 2 – Not an Easy Gospel – Anna Brooker

Click here to download the text of Anna’s sermon for the second Sunday after Trinity: ‘Not an easy Gospel’.


First after Trinity – Go Forth and Tell – Alison Hobbs

Click here for Alison Hobbs’ Sermon ‘Go forth and Tell’ for the first Sunday after Trinity.

Trinity Sunday – Deborah Hodge

Click here to download Deborah Hodge’s sermon for Trinity Sunday.

Pentecost – Anna Brooker

Click here to view Anna Brooker’s sermon for Pentecost.

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